World Flour Day 2022: What does flour mean to us?

04 February 20223 min reading

On 20 March 2022 flour as a staple food will be celebrated. The motto is “Flour and People” and the focus will be on the personal significance of flour for each individual. The FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg will present a special flour sack on the theme of diversity.

Flour.Power.Life stands for the importance of flour for humanity. This is the leitmotiv of the FlourWorld Museum, and this year the museum will for the third time fill it with life around the globe on World Flour Day, 20 March 2022. This commemorative day was initiated by the people behind the museum, and honours flour as our most important staple food. Flour connects people, and for millennia it has contributed to health, well-being and prosperity around the world. Flour also has a vital role to play for a fast-growing world population. The milling industry has a great responsibility to feed humanity now and going forward.

This year World Flour Day will be celebrated under the motto “Flour and People – Flour means the world to us”.  The focus is on the significance of flour for each individual. “We want to encourage millers, bakers, confectioners or pasta makers to tell people what this staple food means to them personally,” explains initiator and idea-giver Carsten Blum. All stories will be collected on in the form of photos and videos, to give a varied picture of the important role flour plays around the globe. In social media, entries for the day will be posted under #worldflourday. “This year again we’re calling on all mills to celebrate World Flour Day and contribute to it in many creative ways,” says Carsten Blum.

20 March is a special day for farmers and the flour processing industry, as it falls right in the middle of the equinox. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the beginning of spring, the time of planting, and in the Southern Hemisphere it marks the autumn and harvest. World Flour Day was initiated three years ago, and has now become an established date in the calendars of millers everywhere. From Argentina to India, from Kenya to New Zealand, flour is celebrated on 20 March.

In 2022 the entire flour processing industry will celebrate diversity and belonging on this day. Joint baking events will celebrate how flour connects people around the world. In this connection the FlourWorld Museum will present a special flour sack that brings the motto of this year’s World Flour Day into visual focus. It will be unveiled at the online celebration on 20 March and receive a place of honour in the museum.

The FlourWorld Museum in Wittenburg near Hamburg, Germany holds the world’s largest collection of flour sacks, with over 3700 sacks from 140 countries. Flour.Power.Life is the guiding principle under which the sacks tell about the traditions, history and myths of flour. “The museum and World Flour Day are dedicated to flour and the millers of the world, who every day supply people with flour. In this way we would like to express our deep commitment and engagement,” notes Carsten Blum.

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