Cargill to change Krefeld plant to wheat processing

07 February 20182 min reading

US agri-giant Cargill has announced it will extend its starches and sweeteners factory in Krefeld, Germany. Expansion work will be completed in 2020. The Krefeld plant currently produces starches and sweeteners from corn.


Agrifood firm Cargill plans to expand its starches and sweeteners factory in Krefeld, Germany, and switch to using wheat as a raw material. “We are in the planning process. Work will be completed in 2020,” a Cargill spokeswoman told Reuters without providing figures on production capacity or tonnage of wheat involved. The Krefeld plant currently produces starches and sweeteners from corn for products including jams, sweets, chewing gum and custard powder.The plant’s expansion will add products including vegetable wheat protein, specialised industrial wheat starches and advanced biofuels.

CARGILL TO EXPAND WESTERNMANİTOBA ELEVATOR Cargill’s Winnipeg-based Canadian arm announced it will put up $15 million to add 9,000 tonnes of storage capacity to its 13,500-tonne capacity elevator at Oakner, Man., about 70 km northwest of Brandon. Renovations at the facility are also to include “faster” grain receiving and shipping capabilities and an upgraded 100-plus railcar track system, which connects to the Canadian National Railway (CN) mainline. Construction work is expected to be complete late this year. “More grain storage space and rail capacity provides more opportunities for farmers in the area to sell and move their grain.In particular, this expansion provides more options for soybean growers.” the company said.

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