Editorial Calendar


    Cover Story: The COVID-19 impacts on milling and grain trade

    Country Profile: Brazil

    Deadline for Ads: 21 December 2020


    Cover Story: Managing consistent flour quality

    Country Profile: Mexico

    Deadline for Ads: 22 January 2021


    Cover Story: New technologies in milling

    Country Profile: Canada

    Deadline for Ads: 19 February 2021


    Cover Story: Flour fortification and additives

    Country Profile: European Union

    Deadline for Ads: 19 March 2021

  • MAY

    Cover Story: Improving milling performance

    Country Profile: Ukraine

    Deadline for Ads: 23 April 2021

  • JUNE

    Cover Story: World flour and wheat markets

    Country Profile: India

    Deadline for Ads: 21 May 2021

  • JULY

    Cover Story: Assuring grain quality in storage

    Country Profile: South Africa

    Deadline for Ads: 23 June 2021


    Cover Story: Creating sustainable food systems and supply chain

    Country Profile: Nigeria

    Deadline for Ads: 23 July 2021


    Cover Story: World pulses market

    Country Profile: Egypt

    Deadline for Ads: 20 August 2021


    Cover Story: Automation and smart production processes

    Country Profile: Pakistan

    Deadline for Ads: 20 September 2021


    Cover Story: Innovative technologies in packaging systems

    Country Profile: Australia

    Deadline for Ads: 22 October 2021


    Cover Story: Increasing food safety and traceability

    Country Profile: Indonesia

    Deadline for Ads: 22 November 2021