Process Control and Automation

08 March 20172 min reading

Today process control and automation are applied in nearly all of the plants operating with high capacity. However, most of the plants operating with less capacity still do not take advantage of process control. Automation and process control both prevent the financial losses in plant and distinctly increase the quality of products. Thus, these applications should be considered as significant since they are profitable investments.

covery_story87Wheat undergoes many processes in a flour milling plant before it is processed into flour. Depending on the efficiency of every single process, the quality of the final product also varies. In order to guarantee the quality in every step of production, it is essential to monitor all of the processes and keep them under control. So the importance of automation and process control in a plant producing flour steps in here. A quality automation system is able to share the information of every step in the process; prevent the failures that may cause defective production by interfering into the system depending on the information received from the processes. By this way, it is possible to prevent many problems such as jammed product in equipment, overloading of machines and breakdowns. Considering the highly competitive environment of milling industry, it is obvious that automation and process control can move the flour producers forward.

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