Unormak: A global supplier

17 December 20182 min reading

We also visited Unormak Milling Machinery Industrial Company, another sector leader for milling technologies in Konya. Unormak has been carrying on business in 3rd Organized Industrial Zone of Konya since 1987. The company manufactures milling machines, turnkey flour, semolina, corn plants, milling plants, rollers, plansifters, cleaning machines, damping machines, grinding machines, transportation systems, automation, electric and extraction control systems. Today, Unormak is among well-known brands in the market.

Unormak General Manager Mustafa Oral hosted our team in his office. Oral is a doyen of the industry. He is a role model with his deep knowledge, ambition to work and innovative spirit for young entrepreneurs.

Oral is proud of his company’s success and he has a good right to do so. Unormak built factories in more than 40 countries in 30 years and it has become one of the few leader companies in the area of milling machine manufacturing.

Unormak manufactures world-class machinery and they offer milling machinery of every size and capacity according to needs of the industry. Mustafa Oral says, “The reason behind our success of being among leader milling machinery manufacturers is that we place a special emphasis on customer satisfaction and we achieve this.”

The company manufactures all machines that a modern mill needs with its own sources. Unormak also offers automation and extraction control systems.

Unormak also transferred its experience to feed industry and it created Oryem which is now an important representative of Turkish feed technology sector. Oryem’s headquarter is also located at the 3rd Industrial Zone of Konya. It has 10,000 square meters of operating area.

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