Genç Değirmen: Young and dynamic as the name suggests

17 December 20182 min reading

Another important haunt for our team was Genç Değirmen Milling Machinery, which is a well-known industry stakeholder not only in Turkey but also in the global scale with its turnkey projects. Genç Değirmen Brand Management Officer Serdar Arıtürk talked about his projections about the industry. Genç Değirmen was founded in 1990. The company has a young and energetic team, as its name suggests. The company has taken big steps for institutionalization in the last 5 years. Serdar Arıtürk points out they had a plant area of 10 thousand square meters in 2013 and now they have 30 thousand square meters.

Genç Değirmen is a young company but they have a big vision to grow rapidly and compete with European companies in a short period of time. Serdar Arıtürk has a whiteboard in his office and you can see fairs and conferences are listed on the board. This shows their enthusiasm. But, is being so active to attend many events worth it? “We get positive results from trade fairs. That’s why we are aggressively attending a high number of fairs all over the world. But for turnkey plant solutions, you should not expect immediate concrete solutions such as signing the agreement in the short term. You have to extend it over a period of time. It may take 8-9 months to agree on all the details with a new customer before you put the sign on the contract. Yes, the process was not completed immediately after the fair but it is still a return of a fair.” says Arıtürk.

Genç Değirmen appears to protect itself from the negative consequences of currency fluctuations. Serdar Arıtürk stresses that they have not laid off even a single worker and they are going on with the same team. Gmach, the new brand of the company, has also shown a satisfactory success. “We are going well in post-Soviet republics in Central Asia. We also have positive results in Africa, Europe, Balkans and other parts of Asia.” Arıtürk adds.

Genç Değirmen Brand Management Officer Serdar Arıtürk has also shown Miller Magazine Team the 30.000-square-meter production plant of the company. Artıtürk said that Genç Değirmen has built more than 350 turnkey production facilities of flour and semolina and now they are meeting all energy need from solar panels installed on the top of the plant.

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