Turkish exporters visit in Japan

14 April 20161 min reading
h_76_10 Pioneer food exporters of Turkey went to Japan in the lead of Aegean Exporters Union in order to increase the volume of exports. Exporters attended a trade fair organized on 8-11 March 2016 as Turkish National Trade Mission and introduced many Turkish origin products including pasta, legumes and bulgur to Japanese visitors. Sabri Unluturk, Coordinator President of Aegean Exporters’ Union stated that they had a successful and fruitful trade fair in Japan that meets substantial part of the food demand with imports and achieving an annual import volume of 60 billion dollars in food imports.35 Turkish companies/organizations including Pasta Bulgur Legumes and Vegetable Oils Promotion Group and Sugary Products Promotion Group showed presence in Turkish stand of 792 square meter. Moiz Hemsi, President Aegean Grain Legumes Oily Seeds and Products Exporters’ Union, stated that grains, legumes and oily seeds exports holding the top rank with 46 million dollar in the list of products exported by Turkey to Japan.
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