The 4th International Conference on Quality of Grain, Flour and Bread to be held in Moscow

10 September 20192 min reading

Russian capital Moscow will host an important meeting at the end of September on the milling sector. Representatives of the sector from numerous countries will get together for the 4th International Conference Quality of Grain, Flour and Bread that would be held from 25-27 November 2019 in Moscow at International Industrial Academy. The conference organizers are International Industrial Academy and International Association for Cereal Science and Technology (ICC). The Conference serves as a forum where professionals, scholars and technologists, involved into grain storing and processing, flour milling and bread production industries, as well as specialists of applied industries have an opportunity to attend and make presentations at the Conference plenary sessions, discuss the latest news, developments and technology in the industries, exchange experience, find new customers and meet old friends. With the exhibition component, it will also allow for an additional dialogue of new information and ideas. Heads and representatives of national and international unions and associations, specialists of large grain companies, millsand bakeries, scientists specializing in the production and storage of grain, technology and quality of processed products of grain, bread and other bakery products, equipment and instrument manufacturers, industry journalists of Russia and countries of the world are invited to participate in the conference.

CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHTS • The quality of grain in different countries of the world • Breeding and seed production. The current state and future development • Innovative technologies and equipment for post-harvest processing and storage of grain, equipment for the production of flour, cereals and bread • Current issues of technical regulation and standardization • Safety of grain, products of its processing and bakery products • The role of cereal products in healthy nutrition • Training of industry experts and professional development

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