Turkey’s Cereal Promotion Project starts

13 September 20183 min reading

Mahsum Altunkaya, Chairman of Southeast Anatolia Cereal Exporters’ Union, said the union would start the project of “Promotion of Pasta, Bulgur, Pulses, and Oil Seed to the World Markets”, which is financed by Turkey Promotion Group.


Mahsum Altunkaya, Chairman of Southeast Anatolia Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products Exporters Union, said the Southeast Anatolia region led the export of cereals, pulses, oil seeds and products during the first six months of this year. Commenting on the development in the sector and exports data, Altunkaya said the value of exports was USD 1,004 billion between January and June. Saying that they export products that humanity need since its inception, he maintained that people need the cereal in order for people to be feed and to continue its existence. Besides, he said that the union would start a promotion project to be financed by Turkey Promotion Group. Within the project of “Promotion of Pasta, Bulgur, Pulses and Oil Seeds to the World Markets”, he said unions will have extensive projects including food tasting, road-show, reception, and advertisement. He underlined that the promotion will have a great effect on the country’s exports. “We sell many products. Almost all of them are related to the daily consumption of people. Just like Turkish people cook bread out of wheat flour, people in America do as well. This is true for the Middle East and Asia. In fact, we provide a great service for humanity. We export products that humanity need since its inception. Southeastern region has the lead in the export of cereal, pulses, oil seeds and its products during the first six months of this year,” Altunkaya remarked. Talking about the export figures, he said that, on goods product basis, they mostly export wheat flour that has a 22.6 percent share and 227 million 363 thousand US dollars. Pasta is the second with 19.2 percent share and 193 million 149 thousand US dollars. The biscuit-cake products have the third place with 12.3 percent share and 123 million 564 thousand US dollars. Altunkaya said the rest is met by other products. Altunkaya, who also evaluates the exports in regional terms, stated that the largest share of exports was realized in the Middle East with 70.3 percent share and value of 706 million 437 thousand dollars. He added that the Middle East is followed by Africa with 20.9 percent share and 210 million 51 thousand dollars, and then by American countries with 3.6 percent share and 36 million 388 thousand dollars. Commenting on exports of the sector and strategies, he said exports have dramatically increased in many markets despite the loss of export because of problems in neighboring geographies including Iraq. He added that exports exceeded USD 3.2 billion dollars during the first six months and underlined that exports became durable to such vulnerability as they increased their activities in different markets. Pointing out that value-added production and branding are indispensable in terms of export targets, he emphasized that new markets, branding and value-added production will be the values on which the industry will rise in the upcoming period.

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