Southeastern Turkey meets flour and Middle East’s pasta demand

06 March 20183 min reading

Exporters from South-East Anatolia exported cereals, legumes, oilseeds and their end products at a total value of 170 million US dollars in January. The value of flour exports exceeded 40 million US dollars in a single month.


The Southeastern Anatolia Exporters’ Association (GAIB) discussed the latest developments of the sector and exports at its executive meeting. Mahsum Altunkaya, President of Grains - Legumes – Oil Seeds and Products Exporters’ Association of Southeastern Anatolia, said that they exported cereals, legumes, oilseeds and their end products with a total value of 169 million 937 thousand US dollars. The Southeastern region of Turkey is still the leader of the sector among the other regions of the country, he stressed. Mahsum Altunkaya said that they have managed to show a solid start despite relevant markets are being affected by instability: “Markets we dominate have been facing negative developments for a long time. Our exporters’ success despite this fact is commendable. Yet, we still have to add new markets gradually in order to achieve our export goals. We wish to complete 2018 in an effective and efficient way adding new projects to those we are sustaining towards new markets.” Altunkaya talked about regions that are prominent exporters of the sector’s products: “The Southeastern Anatolia meets the entire demand of the Middle East. Middle East countries have got %75.4 of sector’s exports. Our exports to the region totaled 128 million US dollars. African countries followed the Middle East with 31 million US dollars and its share was %18.4. There is a great potential for our sector in those regions. Therefore, we are going to take steps to reach new markets in Africa. The European Union countries became the third with 3 million 406 thousand US dollars. That was way below the desired level and we have to increase our exports to this region as soon as possible. On the other hand, in my opinion, the 63.2% increase of exports was a result of market expansion activities.” Altunkaya also informed about prominent products in regional exports: “Wheat flour constituted an important part of the exports performed in the first month of the year. We exported wheat with a total value of 40 million 886 thousand US dollars. Pasta followed the wheat with a value of 31 million 853 thousand US dollars. Third important product group for exports was biscuits-cakes with a total value of 21 million 972 thousand US dollars.”

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