Turkey achieves historic 4.3 million tonnes of durum wheat

13 December 20233 min reading

In 2023, Turkey’s durum wheat production witnessed a significant upswing, achieving the highest yield in the past 18 years. Ahmet Güldal, the General Manager of the Turkish Grain Board, announced that the country’s durum wheat production reached an impressive 4.3 million tonnes in 2023.

Turkey’s durum wheat production has achieved remarkable success, reaching the highest yield in the last 18 years. The announcement was made by Ahmet Güldal, General Manager of the Turkish Grain Board, during a meeting organized by the National Grain Council in Gaziantep. Güldal revealed that Turkey’s overall wheat production, which had dropped to 17.7 million tonnes in 2021, experienced a significant rebound, reaching 21.8 million tonnes in 2023. This marks a noteworthy recovery and highlights the favorable conditions during the current season. Notably, despite negative trends globally, Turkey’s durum wheat production stood out as a major contributor to this success.

Contrary to the negative global outlook, Turkey’s durum wheat production experienced a substantial increase, reaching the highest yield in the past 18 years. Güldal provided specific figures, indicating that durum wheat production increased from 3.15 million tonnes in 2021 to 3.75 million tonnes in 2022 and further to 4.3 million tonnes in 2023, reflecting a significant 15% growth.

In addition to the impressive production figures, Güldal highlighted that the Turkish Grain Board (TMO) set a record in wheat purchases from local producers. According to Güldal, producers delivered over 13 million tonnes of products to the TMO.


Turkey has traditionally been a significant participant in the global wheat trade, primarily importing wheat grain and exporting wheat flour and related products. In the 2022/23 season, Turkey ranked as the second-largest importer in the world, importing a record 12.5 million tons of wheat grain. However, the dynamics are shifting in the 2023/24 season, as Turkey emerges as a major exporter of durum wheat.

The global durum market has faced disruptions, primarily due to adverse weather conditions affecting major producers like Canada. Canada, historically the largest producer and exporter of durum wheat, is grappling with drought conditions, resulting in a forecasted production of only 4.1 million tons, a 23% decrease from the five-year average. In contrast, Turkey’s durum wheat production has witnessed an upswing, allowing the country to step into a new role as a key player in the global durum wheat market. Turkey’s increasing durum wheat production has translated into record exports, with over 1.1 million tons shipped so far in the current season.

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