OlbrichtArom expands its functional flavours with masking functions

11 December 20233 min reading

OlbrichtArom, a specialist in customized flavours, has added masking functions to its functional flavours line. With the DairyEnhancer and SugarBooster, the company offers innovative solutions that help manufacturers develop great-tasting food products with added benefits.

Eating habits are changing. People want their diet to have less neg-ative impact on the environment and a more positive effect on their health and well-being. Increasingly, dairy products, plant-based al-ternatives, drinks, sports nutrition, and snacks are meeting this growing demand. But one decisive criterion remains: flavour.

Functional flavours such as DairyEnhancer, Masking Systems, and SugarBooster from OlbrichtArom play a key role in compensating for flavour distortions caused by functional additives such as sweeteners, acids, minerals, amino acids, proteins, and fats. They mask undesirable offnotes, improve the overall flavour, and reduce bitter-ness or metallic aftertaste. In this way, they fulfil the needs of a wide range of consumers who value enjoyment, health, and environmental awareness. 

Flavour enhancement and cost effıcıency

OlbrichtArom’s DairyEnhancer improves the flavour of dairy products and enables cost savings by reducing expensive recipe ingredients without compromising on taste or mouthfeel. The flavour enhances the creamy, fatty taste in dairy products such as milk, cream, yogurt, quark, and similar products. It also masks sour notes, and can be used in low-fat products to give them a flavour and mouthfeel similar to that of products with a higher fat content. In addition, DairyEnhancer helps to mask unpleasant off-flavours, for example in vegetable fats or nutrient-rich applications with proteins, vitamins, or minerals.

Preserving flavour with reduced sugar content

Sugar has many positive properties, such as body, texture, mouth-feel, and sweetness, which are lost in reduced-sugar products. Ol-brichtArom’s SugarBooster was specially developed for products with a low sugar content and enhances the overall flavour profile without masking the specific taste. This preserves the positive properties of sugar in flavour and mouthfeel. These flavourings can be used as a powder or in liquid form. They may be declared as "flavouring" or "natural flavouring" and are suit-able for vegan, vegetarian, and halal-compliant diets.

OlbrichtArom has the expertise of over 150 years of experience in modern food production. With its incorporation into the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, OlbrichtArom has been reorganized and now operates as a young, flexible company that offers its customers great added value in application consulting. The independent specialized companies brought together under the umbrella of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe produce a wide range of functional ingredients for food and animal nutrition. At the same time, the group's 20 foreign subsidiaries also enable OlbrichtArom to be close to its customers worldwide. 

Innovation centre for flavourings: the Stern-Technology Center

The Stern-Technology Center in Ahrensburg provides OlbrichtArom with the necessary capacity for research and development. The company has a flavour laboratory and a sensory laboratory there. Its flavourists use state-of-the-art technology to develop flavours and carry out practical tests and sensory analyses. The climate-controlled sensory laboratory offers optimum external testing conditions with various light sources for warm, cold, and red light. Five modern sensory cabins ensure customized results.

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