Green Energy spurt of Genc Degirmen

12 June 20172 min reading

In the last 17 years, Genc Degirmen has entered into a new process by integrating all the high technology systems into its own machines. Genc Degirmen has decided to invest projects which have been made on to obtain electricity from solar energy. 

gencdegirmen90Accepting the basic values of the experience that comes from the past, it blends innovation with this understanding. The company has made R&D and optimization works sustainable in its 30,000 square meters plant. In this context, it continues its activities in new technological trends and capacity increase in different fields. Genc Degirmen has come to the conclusion that different areas can be used more efficiently as a result of their efficient field use studies. As a result of these efforts, investment decisions have been made on the projects to contribute to the energy shortage problem, which are open wounds of Central Anatolian Region and Turkey that we have encountered for years in the industrial and public areas and to obtain electricity from solar energy and electricity from renewable energy sources.

POWER PLANT WHICH IS USD 1,200,000 In this context, approximately 10,000 square meters of Solar Energy Power Plant will be installed in the area of 30,000 square meters of total factory roof. 3870 unit panels will be installed in the net area of 6,600 square meters. It will be established 1,044 kWp power plant at total. Investment cost for this facility will be at USD 1,200,000 approximately. R&D process completed systems and products will be used not to face problems about cleaning and maintenance. With this investment, Genc Degirmen will be able to meet the electricity need in the current situation and it will create an extra commercial potential because it can produce more electricity than the electricity it needs. The company will not only get financial gains but also will create environmental awareness by using clean energy. The company is continuously working on new products in the current situation. These developments are in the sense of mechanical, electronic, operational safety and aesthetics. Besides these criteria, Genc Degirmen also keeps eco-friendly productions with the investments and keeps using the less energy consuming products.

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