Tat Bakliyat grew 44 percent in exports

12 June 20172 min reading

Veysel Memiş, Vice President of the Board of Directors of Tat Bakliyat which is one of the most prominent firms in Mersin and Turkey, said that they work in full capacity and thus grew 44 percent in export and 20 percent in turnover. 

tat90Pointing out that they reached $ 100 million in exports and 44 percent in exports and 20 percent in turnover in 2016, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tat Bakliyat Veysel Memiş said that they provide services through more than 30 dealer networks in domestic market and regional directorates in İstanbul, İzmir and Edirne. Indicating that they export to more than 82 countries, Memiş added that “Tat Bakliyat is among the biggest producers of Turkey with its pulse screening and cleaning facilities and kilogram packing facilities as well as the rice, bulgur and lentil factories.” In the survey conducted by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry, Tat Bakliyat was cited as one of the biggest industrial corporations in Turkey and it is also among the first one thousand exporting firms according to the Turkish Exporters Assembly.

“OUR INVESTMENTS CONTINUE” Stating that they made their last investments to Edirne Uzunköprü, Memiş said: “We established the factory on an area of 18 thousand square meters and we commissioned the 15-ton capacity factory in the last quarter of 2016. Thanks to the factory we built in Edirne, we will provide a significant advantage in transportation costs. We also have a distribution depot in Istanbul. The paddy we produce in Edirne is sent to the Aegean and Marmara regions. Our Mersin plant has a paddy breaking capacity of 240 tons per day and with this investment it reached 600 tons capacity per day.”

“WE START THE PULSES FLOUR PROJECT” Pointing out that they started the “Pulses Flour” project this year to expand the use of pulses, Memiş said that “With this use which is not very common in Turkey, we aim that products containing high fiber, protein, mineral, carbohydrate will be used in every area in kitchens. Let’s give this good news especially to children and all those who want to eat healthy food.”

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