Bühler AG names new sales manager for grain milling

14 December 20171 min reading

Bühler assigned a new manager for sales and marketing for its grain milling area. 37-year old Martin Ellegast becomes head of sales and marketing on grain milling business.


Martin Ellegast (37) has been appointed as the new manager for sales and marketing for Bühler’s entire grain milling bussiness department. He holds an engineering degree in mechanical engineering/process engineering and an Executive MBA. Already during his studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Constance, he became acquainted with Bühler as an intern and wrote his thesis about the company. He has been permanently employed at Bühler since 2005. Ellegast got to know the company from the bottom up, first in project management in Grain Milling, then in Bühler Yokohama / Japan during a two-year stay abroad, followed by sales for England and South Asia. In 2015 he took over the management of the business unit Bakery & Ingredient Handling. The current move to manager of sales and marketing in the business area Grain Milling will allow Ellegast to combine his knowledge of a graduated engineer with his MBA skills in marketing and sales in an ideal way.

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