Turkish feed sector to gather at Bühler’s İzmir seminar

13 September 20182 min reading

Bühler will organize an important event to support feed production in domestic market. For the sector with development potential, the Swiss company will host a seminar on new technologies, safety of dry foods and global trends of the industry.

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Recently, the production of compound feed has been increasing steadily in Turkey. In the last 20 years, the production of compound feed has grown 8 percent on average annually. If the growth goes on at this pace, Turkey will become one of the industry’s 10 biggest producers in the world and one of the 3 biggest in Europe within 5 years. In order to reach this, tracking new technologies and safety of feed are among important issues. In this regard, Swiss-based Bühler, a leading company in the sector, will host a seminar, particularly on feed and safety of dry foods. The event, where global trends and new technologies of the feed sector will be discussed, will be held on October 18th at the service center of Bühler in İzmir. In addition to these topics, OLCC roller mills, DFZK hammer mills and gradual grinding will also be discussed in the event. Disc and rule maintenance will be put into practice. Critical issues like sieve analysis, online protein, moisture and part size measurement technology will be discussed. Professionals of the feed sector will get together thanks to this event, which will be participated by Bühler’s experts from local and headquarter office. As the participation will be limited, registration applications will be available by the first week of October. Bühler holds globally leading market positions in technologies and methods for processing grain into flour and feed, as well as for the production of pasta and chocolate, in die casting, wet grinding and surface coating. As a leading technology group operateing in over 140 countries, Bühler invests up to 5% of its turnover every year in research and development.

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