Will the Metaverse fill the stomachs?

11 February 20229 min reading

The limit of the bread we will make in the Metaverse oven is our dreams. You can add any flavor you want to the bread. The customization dimension that Far Eastern bakers brought to artisanal bread is already outdated. Instead, you can export bread to the whole world with all kinds of local and non-local agricultural products and bread you will bake in your virtual reality oven. Trying and ordering on the Metaverse. Whether make bread, try or order it.

Founder of Seed Platform

We are going through challenging times. Bread prices had not increased this much since the Hittites. A house could be bought for 18 Shekel and a loaf of bread for 1 Shekel at that time. The Hittites were among the civilizations that valued bread the most. Input costs, freight, the reputation of the bakery were all significant factors in appraising the value of bread. Nowadays, the irony of "golden bread in the Hittites" meant the same thing as the irony of "the future gold is wheat". The nobles presented the bread as a gift to both the gods and the nobles at community celebrations and festivals. Agricultural power and feeding the people were lying at the root of the Hittite civilization.

Once belonging to the nobles, bread is now of the rich again. What remains to the poor are Metaverse, metaversefood, metaverseagriculture , metaverseoven and, etc. Will the Metaverse fill the stomachs? Are the bread prices high there? These are the main questions to be answered.

When we answer these two questions, we will have solved the "social salary" problem of the states. To refresh your memory, the "social salary" was part of a project similar to the unemployment pay provided by the state to the unemployed who could not produce value. In a sense, it was the standard of living that allowed the unemployed to live without harming their environment.

Similar studies have been carried out in the past, too. The Egyptian Kings Tutankhamun and Ramses had the Pyramids built so that the poor would not rebel and be busy. The mystery of Göbeklitepe was also hidden under an architectural and spiritual project designed to hold the growing community together.

The project of avoiding the poor feel their poverty. It has been hidden in the spirit of the struggle between the haves and have-nots for thousands of years. Each period was governed through different arguments.

We already know that those who cannot be satisfied with the plazas sell their Ferraris. And those who fail to do so remain in limbo. Now the rich are creating new sources of pleasure by playing gastronomy. Mushroom safari in the virgin forests from ancient times, timeless tables with uncultivated plants... As they wish. What remains to the poor is self-delusion in virtual reality.

The first object of pleasure on earth was undoubtedly a piece of bread. Just flour and water...
It was an unbelievable miracle that such simple ingredients were fermented with love and turned into a food that satisfies hunger perfectly, and that it has witnessed human life adventure from the very beginning of its existence. The taste of grain, which is the first flavor that sticks to our taste memories, is a unique part of the flawless taste heritage left to us from our first ancestors, who we now call mitochondrial Eve. That's why, regardless of the rich or poor, wherever we are in the world, bread is the most precious part of our common taste memory. We meet with pleasure in the shadow of the same taste memory at world tables. The modern-day teachings that say "fear is the mind killer" always use bread to suppress humanity's fear of hunger. 

Economics starts with finding solutions to “unlimited wants and scarce resources”. It turns out that countless methods such as communism and capitalism couldn't feed humanity fairly, so the new point of satisfaction becomes the Metaverse oven. Everything we cannot have in real life, that we are afraid to try, that we give up for moral and cultural reasons, is in virtual reality.

The limit of the bread we will make in the Metaverse oven is our dreams. You can add any flavor you want to the bread. The customization dimension that Far Eastern bakers brought to artisanal bread is already outdated. Instead, you can export bread to the whole world with all kinds of local and non-local agricultural products and bread you will bake in your virtual reality oven. Trying and ordering on the Metaverse. Whether make bread, try or order it.

At a time when industry 4.0 sourdough bread factories cannot find a place in the sector, nobody knows how lucky the virtual bakery will be. But recently, while the bread prices are record highs, it seems that we will not be able to fill our stomachs except in the metaverse. Humanity, for the future of its species, will boldly push the doors of the metaverse world, the center of all sources of pleasure.

You may not be the best bakery in the neighborhood. Maybe you couldn't realize your master chef dream. Then, how about trying your luck in the metaverse? You can sell bread to people from all over the world with taste compositions that you will prepare for pleasure collectors. The place where those who cannot hold on to real life will realize themselves and forget their absence and the source of endless happiness with a single coupon entry is the metaverse.

Making a tour to the destination restaurant in advance, tasting the flavors we are afraid to try, going to the holidays we can't go because of lack of time, and eating at the restaurants we want... Or tasting ancient fruits, joining a medicinal aromatic safari in the virgin jungle, creating your own memory of taste with uncultivated plants... What the virtual world can do is up to the limit of our minds.

Presenting the performance of the products you create with local ingredients and your personal imagination to consumers from all over the world is a unique opportunity for the future of bakery. Marketing popular products in real life. Virtual reality offers unique opportunities to those who act bravely. Hittite breads that are thousands of years old, the first bread in Göbeklitepe, Afikoman, the bread at the last supper of Jesus, and Has bread baked in Ottoman's Has ovens... All are the metaverse bread types of the future.

Breads enriched with flour beetles, protists and algae, endless flavor combinations with spices, breads flavored with mushrooms and roots... All and even more are waiting for their turn to go on sale in the shop you will open in the metaverse marketplace of the new age. 

Because in the metaverse universe, the streets are very wide. So you can open a bakery shop wherever you want. The shopping malls are suspended and the dough fermented with love is everywhere. Digital concerts, decentralized finance, and works of art... All can reach all over the world in the smell of a warm slice of bread coming out of the oven.

There, all types of bread, whether healthy or not, are just a click away. Bread flavored with worldly blessings for the rich, a ghetto-style bread pill for the poor. Saying good morning with Kastamonu ash bread for breakfast, tight spruce bread for those returning from a cruise, a meatless hamburger between Turkish flatbread for celebrations...

Participating in the ritual of making baby bread in South America in the Metaverse bakery, or opening the dough in the Mars oven, or experiencing different bread cultures in the deep vestibules of gastronomy...

Now, the trend for those who want to pursue a career in different fields such as agriculture, gastronomy and bakery, to raise awareness of agriculture and food in children, and to those who are curious about the future of bread is to open a bakery in the metaverse.

Skyrocketing food prices, increasing poverty and difficulty in accessing staple food products push large populations to enjoy the virtual world. On the one hand, the efforts to purify agriculture from the negative effects of climate change with Agriculture 5.0, on the other hand, the desire to have food that cannot be bought in virtual reality. I can hear you say that the bakeries built in heaven, the breads as close as a glass are far away. I would like to remind you that North Korea has already established a virtual agriculture museum.

Telling the history of agriculture and food to the generations Z and Alpha, creating agricultural awareness and food awareness, showing ancient breads in virtual museums, planting in smart farms, and participating in the harvest in ancient times... All are within the tales of virtual reality that started with once upon a time. Creating your own food and bread tale is limited by your digital skills and imagination.

Undoubtedly, virtual reality is not just based on enjoyment experiences. It is an area where intensive studies are carried out on increasing efficiency and reducing costs with various methods in animal and plant production. 

Against all these developments, I established the Mesopotamian metaverse furnace. Dedicated to the future with respect and gratitude to Anatolia, the center of agriculture and bread. I would like to remind those who call out whether the Metaverse will fill the stomachs that the transfer of smell and taste is about to end, and that the final stage has been reached in conveying emotions. I would like to remind you that babies designed with the CRISPR method in China reached 5 years of age, and I would like to say that those who open a shop in the metaverse will definitely win, and those who eat bread from here will feel full and fill their stomachs.

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