The flaking roller mill for grains

14 October 20164 min reading

Bühler has developed a new flaking roller mill especially for the flaking of various grains such as wheat, rye, spelt, barley and above all oats. As an integrated component of the entire grain processing process, the MDFA flaking roller mill sets new standards with regard to sanitation, food safety, product quality and convenience of use.

Alexandra Londoño Baderschneider Product Manager Bühler AG teknoloji_82

The worldwide consumption of grain flakes is rising. More and more consumers are realizing the healthy effect of flakes produced from different kinds of grain. The new MDFA flaking roller mill has been specially developed by Bühler for the careful and high-quality manufacturing of flakes made from oats, rye, wheat, spelt and barley. The new flaking roller mill delivers one to four tons of grain flakes per hour, which are of consistently high quality. Of special importance when designing the new machine was the highest possible level of sanitation, low maintenance, low operating costs and a simplified operation

HIGHER PERFORMANCE AND EFFICIENCY With the development of the new flaking roller mill, particular attention was paid to a robust design. This ensures safe continuous operation even under demanding production conditions. The automatic control of the roll temperature and the peripheral drilled rolls ensure an even roll temperature, and the high-quality rolls with a diameter of 600 mm guarantee optimum surface pressure. Both make a significant contribution to consistent and high product quality. The centrally positioned lubricating spot and the option of changing the rolls from front to rear shorten maintenance times.

THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF SANITATION The new MDFA flaking roller mill from Bühler has a direct drive without belts. The speed ratio of the flaking rolls can be set precisely via the EasyFlake control system. This drive principle as well as the automatic roll adjustment with spindle, instead of hydraulics, improves food safety. The risk of contamination from oil is largely prevented.

The design of the flaking roller mill is extremely maintenance-friendly. It guarantees optimal accessibility, which simplifies and speeds up cleaning. The roller wedge is easy to disassemble for cleaning. Finally, the integrated aspiration air feed ensures improved sanitation, as it effectively prevents the build-up of condensation.

THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF OPERATING CONVENIENCE The new Bühler flaking roller mill is fitted with the user-friendly EasyFlake machine control with touchscreen panel and 3D visualization. A variety of control functions enable the precise setting of production parameters. The adjustment of the speed of the feeding rolls therefore enables the throughput to be determined. It is also easy to control the roll gap, the roll temperature and the speed ratio of the flake rolls.

Besides the setting of parameters, the EasyFlake interface allows the operation of the flaking roller mill to be monitored at all times. The course of the motor current, the roll gap adjustment, the product temperature and the roll temperature are visible at a glance. The machine controls can be learnt in a very short time. This reduces the time spent on training and increases operating safety at the same time.

IN USE AT SWISSMILL The new MDFA flaking roller mill MDFA has been in operation since the end of 2015 at Swissmill, the largest Swiss manufacturer of oat flakes. They are very satisfied with the “new member of staff” at Swissmill. “We have counted on the expertise and reliability of Bühler equipment for decades”, explains head miller Erwin Waldvogel. “The new flaking roller mill has convinced us thanks to its reliability and performance. The user-friendliness and time saved on cleaning and maintenance are also remarkable.”

OAT FLAKES – HEALTHY AND FILLING There is currently a trend towards the consumption of ready-made products made from oat flakes. It is of growing importance that they are not just “quick to consume” but should also be “healthy” and “easy to digest”. These requirements do great justice to oat flakes. It is therefore not surprising that the consumption of ready-made products with oat flakes has increased by 40% in the last ten years. Oat flakes have a high proportion of carbohydrates (≈70 %) and protein (≈15 %) as well as unsaturated fats and the soluble fiber beta-glucan. Beta-glucan can lower the cholesterol level and has positive effects on the blood sugar level, which reduces the feeling of hunger. Oat flakes are also free of gluten and contain avenanthramides, which have anti-inflammatory and cancer-inhibiting effects.

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