Wheat harvest in Turkey to increase

12 April 20182 min reading

The National Grain Council shares positive development on the wheat harvest. As Turkey had enough rain and mild temperature, these conditions contributed the early development of wheat that would, in turn, increase the harvest. 


According to the National Grain Council’s report that covers the 1 September-5 March period, the rainfall was below the average in the long run but increased by 28.7 percent when compared to the last year. Between 1 September and 5 March, the average rainfall is calculated as 307.5 millimeters. Rainfall was not effective until October at the Konya Plain, where there has been intensive cereal production, but this was changed with November rains. The temperature helped all crops to grow. In the report, it is stated that last year’s low yield will not be experienced this year in the case of favorable climate conditions. Özkan Taşpınar, the council’s president, said an early development of 15-20 days especially in grain has been observed. He said that if rainfall continues to be favorable in the upcoming three months, the harvest fall experienced during October will be recovered. “It is highly probable that we can reach last year’s harvest of 21.6 million tons,” he added. Taşpınar said that apart from the Southeast Anatolia Region, the positive development of crops continues due to the rainfall. The Council’s President noted that the arable area fell by 8-10 percent in October when compared to the last year. “Since wheat, cotton, sunflower and other crops fetch more money wheat cultivation has decreased, especially in irrigated lands. This is because of the fact that particularly Southeast Anatolia Region and southern regions prefer cotton. Also, farmers in the Central Anatolia Region prefer corn and sunflower since these products yield much more revenue.”

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