Depart and Satake brought Turkish rice millers industry together

12 April 20181 min reading

Depart, which has become the official distributor of Satake as of the beginning of 2018, hosted the Chairman and members of Turkish Rice Millers Association at the meeting and dinner held in Istanbul on 3 March 2018.

Depart ve Satake

Area Sales Manager Steve Matkin and his team from Satake, which has proved itself in global area of rice and sorting machines with its presence at the innumerable points of the world, grabbed the chance to introduce its products to the market of Rice Millers in Turkey in the meeting held by Depart. At the meeting in which the cooperation of Depart and Satake was emphasized, the presentations made by Depart General Manager Cengiz Tiryakioglu and Area Sales Specialist Mucahid Odacil attracted a great deal of attention. At the dinner after the meeting, Satake senior executives met Birol Kocaman, the Chairman of Rice Millers Association, and 30 association members. Görkem Alapala, Vice Chairman of Alapala, also attended this organization that strengthens the sectoral links between Turkey and Japan.

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