ViscoQuick: Determine viscosity in a fast-track procedure

11 June 20193 min reading

Due to its diverse application possibilities, the Brabender ViscoQuick is suitable for the investigation of a wide variety of materials.

With the help of this compact universal viscometer it is possible to analyse the gelatinisation properties of starches, to qualitatively determine alpha-amylase activity in flours and to measure the absolute viscosity of Newtonian fluids. The product-specific viscosity curve can be used to determine the best applications for a raw material and to optimize production processes. The consistency of a product is decisive for the determination of process parameters such as sample temperature and processing time. These parameters can also be precisely determined by a ViscoQuick analysis.

When processing wheat and rye flour, the viscosity of the product can also be strongly influenced by the alpha-amylase naturally present in the raw material. By carrying out appropriate preliminary tests on the materials used, disturbances in the production process can be avoided with new batches.

Which characteristic values can be measured with the ViscoQuick? On the one hand, the ViscoQuick makes it possible to determine the apparent viscosity of starch products by torque measurement. On the other hand, the absolute viscosity of Newtonian fluids can be measured with the aid of the universal application. In both cases, both a defined test duration and an individual temperature profile are defined for the investigation. Conclusions can be drawn from the product-specific viscosity curves: • Gelling properties of starch and starch-containing products • Enzyme activity of rye and wheat flour • Absolute viscosity of Newtonian fluids (e.g. water, alcohol, petrol and various oils)

VERSATILE AND FLEXIBLE APPLICATIONS The ViscoQuick is used wherever flours, starches, bakery products, dough and confectionery are processed. Also in the paper industry, in the manufacture of textiles or chemical products and cosmetics, the determination of viscosity supports the smooth course of production. In incoming goods, quality control, product development, optimizing recipes and during production, it can be determined quickly and reliably whether a raw material is suitable for the respective application.

The uncomplicated and fast measurement with the ViscoQuick saves time and money. Depending on the sample material, the test can be performed within approx. 15-20 minutes. The low sample weight of only 5 to 15 grams and a powerful heating and cooling system allow fast and flexible heating and cooling rates for different applications. The instrument is equipped with particularly durable components. The stainless steel sample container can be reused and is resistant to acids and alkalis. The integrated measuring system is controlled by the MetaBridge software. The measured values can be evaluated directly and displayed graphically.

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