Unormak-signed flour factory in Russia

06 October 20172 min reading

The flour factory with 650 tons capacity was brought into service with a magnificent ceremony which was established in Russia by Unormak Milling Machinery Industrial Company - one of the leading brands of the milling technology sector.

unormakUnormak Milling Machinery Industrial Company which is among the world’s leading manufacturers of milling technology successfully completed the turn-key flour factory in the city of Vladikavkaz in Russia. The opening of the 650 ton / 24 hour capacity facility was held in a magnificent ceremony attended by ministers and senior managers. The new flour factory, equipped with the latest technologies, is expected to make an important contribution to the company’s ability to increase production capacity and quality and achieve new market goals. Mustafa Oral, General Manager of Unormak Milling Machinery said in a statement to our magazine on this subject that they are so proud of themselves about adding new additions to their dozens of successful projects in Russia. Oral emphasized that they have realized myriad of turnkey facilities in Russia and emphasized that continuing production of the factories they have established without any problems riveted the confidence to Unormak. Oral, who thanked the customers for this confidence, added that they will continue to move modern technologies they developed as Unormak to other parts of the world and they will give the necessary support after sales to the customers that they see as business partners.

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