IDMA to host 170 companies from 26 countries and thousands of visitors from 100+ countries

18 February 20194 min reading

IDMA Exhibition will host thousands of professional investors from all around the world on 20-23 March 2019 at Istanbul Expo Center. Nearly 170 Turkish and international brands from milling, cereals and pulses processing technologies sectors will open their booths. Countries like Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Kazakhstan will be prominent in terms of visitors.

IDMA - International Flour, Feed, Semolina, Rice, Corn, Bulghur, Milling Machinery & Pulse, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition is tasting the excitement of opening its gates for the eighth time. The fair organizer company Parantez International Fair Inc. is sure that IDMA again going to be the address for those who want to make advantageous investments with its overseas promotions, strong collaborations with sectoral associations, its publications reaching to 85 thousand professionals across 150 countries.

Nearly 170 Turkish and international brands including the top brands from milling and cereals and pulses processing technologies sectors will open booths and present their latest technologies in the exhibition.

‘ALL EYES WILL BE ON IDMA’ Mr. Muhammed Akatay, Director of International Sales and Marketing at Parantez Group, says companies from 26 countries will present their latest technologies used in flour, semolina, corn, rice and feed milling and pulse cleaning, packaging, pasta and biscuit plants, and the latest innovations in storage silos, loading, conveying and unloading systems; laboratory devices; additives; packaging machines and materials; spare parts and sub-industry to the taste of the visitors. “All eyes will be on IDMA. We will bring together the world milling sector.” he says. Under the coordinatorship of Turkish Ministry of Commerce and with the organization of Central Anatolian Exporters Union (OAIB), procurement committees will be brought to 8th IDMA Exhibition from many locations of the world notably from Africa and South America. Mr. Akatay is confident in terms of visitors numbers. Parantez International Fair Inc. will support OAIB’s studies towards Procurement Committees with its data over 90-thousand-professionals covering 144 countries and its team conducting promotions in 5 languages. The company conducting collaborative work with 58 associations from all over the world achieved to get approval for group-based participations from over 25 countries.

Reminding that IDMA 2017 Exhibition aroused interest with more than 7 thousand visitors from different nationalities, Mr. Akatay states they expect more visitors this year. According to him, countries like Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Kazakhstan will be prominent in terms of visitors.

Mr. Akatay also emphasized many professional managers, investors, members of non-governmental organizations connected with the grain industry from Spain, Bulgaria, UAE, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Brazil, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Argentina completed their online registration for visiting the exhibition.

TURKISH AIRLINES’ DISCOUNT FOR THE VISITORS Parantez made an agreement with Turkish Airlines (THY) for up to 20-percent-discount for providing an economic flight to the passengers coming to Turkey-İstanbul for IDMA 2019 Exhibition. Together with this agreement, THY, which is a leading global airline, became the “Official Airline” of IDMA 2019 exhibition.

TRAINING PROGRAMME WITHIN THE EXHIBITION The Milling Training that has been started for contributing to the qualified workforce of the milling, flour and feed sectors will be held for the third time on 21-23 March 2019 under the roof of IDMA. Certified Milling Training, which was given in IDMA 2013 for the first time and in IDMA 2015 for the second time and aroused great interest, will be realized under the organization of TABADER, leading Turkish sectorial association. The training will be held at two separate halls towards flour and feed industries in English and Turkish simultaneously. The participants will take their certificates at the end of the three-day training. Detailed information and registration form are available at

ABOUT IDMA FAIR IDMA Exhibition, which is organized by Parantez International Fair Inc. in order to announce the innovations and developments in grain and pulses processing industry to the world, was first organized in 2005. IDMA Exhibition which is held in Istanbul every 2 years and has increased both the number of exhibitors and visitors to a large extent since the first year it was organized is currently the only international technology exhibition which is held globally for grain and pulses processing technologies. In the exhibition where companies developing technologies, products and services for grain and pulses industry take part as exhibitors, the latest technologies developed for flour, semolina, corn and feed mills and pulses cleaning, packaging, pasta and biscuit plants are exhibited. Besides, the latest innovations in grain storing silos, filling, conveying and unloading systems, laboratory equipment, additives, packaging machinery and equipment, spare parts and sub-industry products are presented in IDMA.

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