The new Diorit roller mill with leading-edge control

04 August 20194 min reading

High food and operational safety with low maintenance: With Bühler’s four- and eight-roller mill Diorit, a large variety of grains can be consistently and safely ground. The new Diorit 2019 offers even more user-friendliness than ever.

Nicholas Trounce Head of Product Management Milling Solutions Wheat & Rye Bühler AG in Uzwil / Switzerland The Diorit MDDY/MDDZ four- and eight-roller mill from Bühler has impressively proven itself since its market launch in 2017. With its sturdy design, reliable grinding and best sanitation, the Diorit has completely established itself as a cost-efficient but very high-performing grinding solution. The Diorit four- and eight-roller mill MDDY/MDDZ consistently and safely grinds wheat, maize/corn, rye, barley, spelt and other grains. More than 1000 Diorit roller mills have been sold since its market introduction and are in use around the world.

Diorit 2019 Two years after the Diorit market launch, Bühler again improved it, this time primarily in terms of user-friendliness. The most obvious innovation of the new Diorit generation is the completely revised control system as well as the newly designed user interface. The roller mill now offers intuitive and easy monitoring and control. And not only is the Diorit generation 2019 operable via the redesigned touchscreen - thanks to the integrated webserver, it can also be operated remotely. By connecting to the wireless network, the Diorit roller mill can be operated by smartphone, tablet or PC within the mill. The touchscreen on the roller mill is optionally available on request because it is no longer needed. Another improvement is the grinding chamber which has been enlarged by 30 millimeters on the Diorit 2019. That allows the operator more space for product sampling.

Reliably monitored State-of-the-art sensor technology in the Diorit ensure that the rolls are always in the optimal position running at optimal speed. It also features integrated roll disengagement monitoring. This prevents the rolls from running against each other without product and can generate an error message when needed. Roll speed monitoring on the rear grinding roll checks whether the drive belt is functioning correctly in continuous operation. The optionally available, continuous monitoring of the roll and bearing temperature triggers an alarm and immediately stops operation as soon as the rolls or bearing temperatures get excessively hot. Plus, additional safety features guarantee the highest level of safety for operating personnel. The Diorit also has a hand guard when fluted rolls are used. This ensures that operating personnel can take product samples during on-going operation with maximum safety.

Food safety design The Diorit roller mill also provides high food safety. All surfaces that come in contact with product are made of stainless steel or other food-safe materials. Lockable covers secure access to the machine and eliminate the risk of contamination. The swing-out feed module ensures a fast and residue-free product discharge while also providing easy access for cleaning.

The sturdy, cast-iron Diorit machine frame provides an optimal base for high grinding performance in 24-hour continuous operation. The wide inlet and the variable speed of the feeding roll ensure even feeding across the entire length of the grinding roll, contributing to consistent product quality. The compact, powerful roll pack makes it possible to achieve high accuracy and stable grinding. The wear-resistant, low-maintenance and noiseless belt drive ensures quiet, reliable and continuous operation.

The new roller mill Diorit is especially attractive because of its low maintenance. The wear-resistant belt drive ensures long life and reliable continuous operation. The Roll Quick Pack accelerates roll changing which increases operating time and contributes to even better overall mill efficiency.

Individual solutions possible The roller mill Diorit from Bühler is available as a four- or eight-roller mill in various lengths from 600 mm to 1500 mm. In addition, the four-roller mill is offered with a roll diameter of 300 millimeters for the versions with roll lengths of 1000 and 1250 millimeters. This increases the roll surface by 20%, which extends the service life of the rolls. The grinding surface increases by 10%, which results in higher flour yields in the fine semolina passages and higher fine flour portion and lower starch damage in the smooth roll passages.

Differing product inlet and rolls options can be selected for all Diorit models. Whatever the requirement for performance and throughput, it can be realized. In addition, the Diorit roller mill has a broad range of optional features for meeting individual requirements, such as direct suction and water cooling.

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