Shipment of soybeans in Port of Paranaguá is the greatest history

09 November 20172 min reading

Three months to the end of the year, the Port of Paranaguá hit its annual soybean export record. By the end of September, 9.5 million tons of grain has already been exported.

paranagua_limanThis accomplished export level at the Port of Paranaguá is higher than any year in history, being 12% higher than the previous annual record of 8.5 million tons in 2015, and 27% higher than the total turnover in the whole of 2016, when 7.5 tons were exported million tons of soybeans.

The Port of Paranaguá is located in the state of Paraná and is the largest bulk carrier in Latin America. It is no wonder that in the country he is already known for breaking records. In the last two years, 34 historical records of cargo handling have been beaten. Most ships come from the United States, China, South Korea and Japan.

Since 2011, some R $ 624 million have already been invested in the upgrading and modernization of the physical structure of the Port of Paranaguá. The actions include the exchange of ship loaders for larger equipment and with greater capacity for grain disposal, construction of new gates, installation of new scales and conveyor belts, and changes in the dock, which was remodeled.

BRAZILIAN PRODUCTION IS THE FASTEST GROWING According to a survey by the Organization of Cooperatives of Paraná (Ocepar), Brazil was the country that increased its soybean production the most among exporters, harvesting about 18.2 million tons more than the previous harvest. Next, the US is 10.4 million tons higher than the previous harvest.

In addition, another factor that contributed to the success of soybean production this year was the harvest started earlier in Brazil compared to the last harvest. In Paraná, farmers had already harvested 31% of the state’s soybean in February 2017, while in the same period of last year this percentage was 7%.

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