Serendib Flour Mills launches first high-fibre wheat flour product in Sri Lanka

22 March 20223 min reading

Al Ghurair Foods’ Serendib Flour Mills launched the new product in Sri Lanka, building on its crucial role as a major wheat flour producer. Launch comes as Sri Lankan government takes measures to avoid country-wide food crisis.

Al Ghurair Foods, part of Al Ghurair, one of the leading diversified UAE family businesses, has launched Sri Lanka’s first high-fibre wheat flour product to the market through Serendib Flour Mills (SFML).

As supply chain disruptions continue to constrict availability of essential commodities in the country, the launch ensures that high quality, nutritious flour is widely available to all across the country. This builds on the company’s extensive history in Sri Lanka as a major supplier in the local consumer foods industry since 2008 – playing a valuable supporting role in the country’s pursuit of food security. Further, the new product is expected to strengthen SFML’s market leading position in Sri Lanka, further catering to the more diverse dietary preferences and needs of consumers.

Commenting on the launch, John Iossifidis, GCEO, Al Ghurair Investment, said: “Sri Lanka has long been an important market for Al Ghurair, with Serendib Flour Mills mirroring our core parent company values and commitment to facilitating meaningful change. For 14 years, SFML has been a chief player in providing food security and enhancing product diversity in the country. We are honoured to support the Sri Lankan community by facilitating food supply and providing healthy, organic food across the country, particularly as other essential commodities are unfortunately in short supply.”

SFML is one of the most trusted suppliers in Sri Lanka’s consumer foods industry, committed to an uninterrupted supply of essential wheat flour to the community – riding on the decades of experience of its parent company Al Ghurair Foods, which has presence in 25 countries and four continents.

Branded as 7 Star Fibre Plus, the new product is nutrient enriched, catering to growing consciousness around nourishing healthy lifestyles, as consumers become more aware and discerning about their food consumption.

Djamal Djouhri, CEO, Al Ghurair Foods LLC, added: “The post-pandemic world has shed light on both challenges and opportunities in the global food sector, and Al Ghurair Foods, together with its subsidiaries across the world, is committed to continuing our mission of providing high-quality, essential products that are both widely available, and promote the nourishment of our customers.”

As part of the launch ceremony, SFML also updated its brand identity through a new logo design, which pays homage to its proud grassroots heritage in Sri Lanka. It was unveiled by Al Ghurair Investment’s Group CEO, John Iossifidis, along with other dignitaries from the Al Ghurair and SFML.

Vijay Sharma, Chief Executive Officer Serendib Flour Mills Sri Lanka comments: “For 14 years, we have nourished the nation of Sri Lanka and we are proud to hold a trusted role in preserving our country’s food security. Engrained in the country’s history, we wanted to curate a brand design that embraced Sri Lankan heritage, and spoke to the hearts of our valued customers and communities. Our new logo brings together three key elements: the lion, the blue water lily, and wheat, which combined, reflect the courage and majesty of the country, commemorate the humanity driving it forward, and the nourishment provided by harvest.”

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