Özenir Değirmen: An engineering experience of 22 years

17 December 20182 min reading

Our next stop in Konya, one of the most dynamic cities of Turkey with its advanced industry, was Özenir Milling Machinery. İsmail Behram Odabaşı, the General Manager of Özenir hosted our team in his new office. Odabaşı is a highly experienced and competent figure in the industry. Özenir milling machinery was found in 1996 and it exported machinery to 40 countries e.g. Azerbaijan, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and Oman. İsmail Behram Odabaşı says that they built plants of various sizes in line with customer demands: “Our largest project was the one a capacity of 1050 metric tons. We prefer to build turnkey factories. We have customers from many parts of the world.” The General Manager of Özenir frequently travels abroad to meet with customers and sign contracts.

This year the company moved to a new manufacturing plant with an area of 20 thousand square meters for production. İsmail Behram Odabaşı shows their new plant to us and gives information about machines with the latest technology. The company manufactures cleaning, milling, handling, filtering, aspiration, packaging, automation machines as well as silos and steel chassis and spare parts. İsmail Behram Odabaşı is proud of the 22-year history of the company which has a team with a high level of know-how. The company offers its products in domestic and international markets with the brand name MILLMAN. It sells completely new turnkey projects and it also renews existing plants.

The mission of Özenir Milling Machinery is stated as follows: “We are aware that satisfying the customer needs is only possible through producing quality as well as competitive products. In this case, our primary mission is presenting products to the customers’ choice in local and international markets by harmonizing our experience together with our young and dynamic team.” And the vision of the company is “to become a young and dynamic company by adding value for its industry and country, adhering to the ethical values with modern management mentality, innovative, adopted creative solutions as a principle and presenting better and quality products every new day for the customers.”

Özenir Milling Machinery serves projects, production, and installation for its customers according to well-accepted international quality standards all over the world with consumer and quality oriented system to be a reference company in the world. The company has ISO 9001:2000 TUV, CE and GOST (available in Russian Federation and Commonwealth of Independent States) certificates.

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