Himmet Usta: A half-century of milling

17 December 20182 min reading

Our fourth haunt in Konya was to Himmet Usta Milling Machinery which is a white shoe firm in the milling sector. Himmet Usta was established in 1960, started producing mobile mills in a small workshop, and however now, is continuing in a modern area with its 120 qualified personnel. The slogan, “A half century of milling, reference projects in all over the world” also makes a reference to the long history of the company.

Ali Aykut Acar represents the fourth generation in the managerial board of the company. He showed us the modern manufacturing plant with a production area of 45.000 square meters in Konya Organized Industrial Zone and talked about projects and projections of Himmet Usta. Ali Aykut Acar is a young businessman and we were more than impressed by the deep knowledge of him about the industry. But this is not that surprising when you know the fact that he inherited a significant experience from his family and he is a mechanical engineer and is active in all aspects of manufacturing. Ali Aykut Acar defines his company as “the longest-established one in the sector” with a history of 50 years.

Research and development studies have always been very important for the company since its foundation. Acar talks about the development of the company. In 70’s milling machines with horizontal cylinder, in 80’s machines for salt, feed, lentil and farina mills were manufactured by Himmet Usta. Also, it has another important role in the sector by producing pneumatic roller mill in 1991 for the first time in Turkey and contributed to the development of sector globally. In 1992 Himmet Usta started to build turnkey milling factories. Today, Himmet Usta provides integrated systems to customers by producing all machinery and equipment with its own brand and own quality.

Today, Himmet Usta is proud of exporting to more than 30 countries in the Middle East, Central Asia, Latin America, Europe, and Africa. Ali Aykut Acar has also been following the Miller Magazine closely. “I am a mechanical engineer. I benefit from technical articles of the magazine,” he adds and this was the happy ending of our Konya visit.

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