08 August 20182 min reading


Omas, a leading Italian company in milling industry, announced that it signed an agreement to supply a 300-ton milling plant in West Africa. Enrico Mazzon, CEO of ETC, the finance institution that supports industrial investment projects in Africa, and Luigi Nalon, CEO of Omas, met in Treviso to officially start the project, which will involve supplying silos, building and technology for processing grains, the company said. “We are very satisfied with this agreement,” said ETC’s Enrico Mazzon, “especially since it will mean a highly advanced technological project that can begin operations in 2019. Contacts were initiated at the end of 2017 and they soon concluded in a formal agreement, thanks also to ETC’s visit to the Omas plant. In fact, we were able to experience OKS (Omas Kers System) first hand, together with the efficiency of the company setup, the cleanliness of its different areas, and its working processes, which are truly on the cutting edge, and we were absolutely amazed”. Luigi Nalon, Omas’ CEO, is also pleased: “We were able to create a symbiosis with ETC from the outset, thanks to clear communication and a single, shared objective: to develop milling plants and food hubs of excellence in Africa. Thanks to Omas’ next-generation technology, it will be possible to make energy savings of up to 70%. This means that even in nations where energy costs are very high, there will be high income and pay back on the investment in just a few years!”

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