Turkey excludes Russian wheat from tax-free import list

06 April 20172 min reading

Turkey, which imports from Russia significant part of quality wheat required for exporting finished products such as flour and pasta, has dropped Russia from the list of tax-free wheat imports. The decision has been taken since Russia has failed to completely remove the ban on Turkish agricultural products.

russiaTurkey, one of the top global exporters of flour and pasta, imports significant portion of quality wheat from Russia without taxes, which is required for exporting finished products. However, as Russia has failed to completely remove the ban on Turkish agricultural products, Russia has been dropped from the list of countries where wheat imports are tax-free.

Zekeriya Mete, Chairman of the Istanbul Union of Exporters of Grains, Pulses, Oil Seeds and Products, talked to RIA Novosti news agency said many Turkish exporters had various problems and incurred damages with the Russian ban on Turkish agricultural products exported to Russia. “That is Turkey buys Russian products but Russia does not buy our products” Mete said. “To balance this, our Ministry of Economy introduced a new regulation on March 15th for the Russia wheat. It has not been officially declared but I know this as the leader of the industry.”

“BOTH SIDES SHOULD WIN” Mete reminded that Turkey did not adopt the sanctions imposed by EU and the US to Russia, and said “Business should be mutual. We export 800 million USD of vegetables and fruits to Russia and purchase 2 billion USD of wheat, barley and other products. Both sides must win. We really want to do business with Russia, but the terms should be equal. As long as this is not satisfied, we will continue to support our request we have submitted to the ministry.”

“BUSINESS MUST GO ON” Mete said the vessels loaded and dispatched before March 15 will be accepted in Turkey but the deliveries after that will not be accepted as long as Russia does not remove restrictions, and emphasized that they want to revive the relationship with Russia. Mete said “Businessmen and entrepreneurs cannot be parties or instruments to political conflict. Business must go on.”

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