Uğur Promilling moved to its new factory and raised its target

13 May 20223 min reading

Uğur Promilling, one of the well-established companies in the milling technologies sector, started production in its new facility equipped with the latest technology. The company continues its investments for the future by increasing its production capacity with its modern facility with a closed area of ​​26,000 square meters in the Çorum Organized Industrial Zone.

Uğur Promilling, which has been producing milling machines for seventy years and establishing turnkey flour factories in many countries of the world, has made a serious investment by taking another important step in preparing the company for the future. The Çorum-based company moved to its new production center with high-tech machinery, devices and equipment. The modern facility in Çorum Organized Industrial Zone, which took about two years to build, has a total of 26 thousand square meters of indoor space, of which 20,000 square meters is a workshop and 6,000 square meters is an administrative office.

With its new facility, Ugur Promilling has the distinction of being one of the production centers with the largest indoor area in Turkey in the sector. Aiming to reach maximum efficiency with its modern machine park, the company has achieved to increase its production capacity by 30% with the new factory. In 2021, Ugur Promilling designed and commissioned a turnkey flour factory with a grinding capacity of 8500 tons in different continents, 3000 tons of which is domestic. The company will also invest in solar energy panels, which is one of the renewable energy sources, at the point of meeting its energy needs with the principle of respect for the environment and nature, and will have implemented the motto of the zero-carbon principle.

 Ugur Promilling, which will add an additional 10 thousand square meters of indoor space to the existing closed area to meet the increasing demand as a result of these investments, plans to increase its employment by 30% with the newly completed area. Uğur Promilling, which will have a much stronger and wider structure with the additional closed area to be commissioned in 2023, will carry the flag further and continue to have a say in the sector.