Kazakhstan increases exports of wheat

14 November 20181 min reading

331777In the season 2017/18, the exports of wheat from Kazakhstan increased by 33% compared with the same indicator of the previous MY, and totaled 4.9 mln tonnes, declared the Customs Control Committee at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Traditionally, Uzbekistan became the leader among countries-importers of the Kazakh grain, and continued increasing the imports from Kazakhstan. So, in 2017/18 MY the shipment volumes to the country totaled 2.1 mln tonnes, up 22% compared with the season-2016/17. Tajikistan took the second position, and purchased 1.07 mln tonnes of Kazakh wheat (up 5% compared with 2016/17 MY). Also, Kazakhstan increased the supplies to Italy, which in 2017/18 MY stole the leadership in the rating from Afghanistan and China, and imported 364 thsd tonnes of the grain. The growth of shipments to the reporting country totaled 85% compared with the previous season. At the same time, Italy mainly purchased durum wheat (93%) from Kazakhstan, reported APK-Inform analyst, Natalia Gavruk. According to her, Turkey and Azerbaijan also significantly increased the import volumes. In the season-2017/18, the export volumes of wheat to the countries grew by 4.8 and 3.6 times, respectively. APK-INFORM

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