Cimbria built 23 silo plants in Egypt

11 July 20172 min reading

23 large silo plants supplied by Cimbria to Egypt were commissioned and officially inaugurated during an event in El-Marashda, near Luxor.


Cimbria completed 23 large silo plants with a contract value for Cimbria of more than 100 million US dollars. This project is believed to be the largest order for silo plants ever made, comprising a total storage capacity of no less than 1.38 million tonnes of wheat. It is also believed that one of the main criteria for awarding this huge contract to Cimbria was the company’s numerous reference plants in the Middle East and its ability to undertake the entire project on a turnkey basis. Completing the project successfully, Cimbria delivered no less than 1400 containers with around 25,000 tonnes of steel and equipment within a period of just 9 months, followed by approximately one year for installation.

1,38 MILLION TON STORAGE IN TOTAL The project also included the supervision of the installation of equipment and electrical systems at all 23 facilities simultaneously. Each of the 23 plants has a silo capacity of 60,000 tonnes, including conveying and cleaning facilities with a capacity of 200 tonnes per hour. Total silo capacity will thus amount to 1.38 million tonnes. All of the 23 silo plants have received grain from the current wheat harvest that began in April.

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