A new mill for gluten free products

06 February 20152 min reading
England, Mistley-based wholegrain Ingredient Company Edme has just had a new gluten-free mill installed. edme_haber   Stating that With Britain’s increasing appetite for healthy foods, wholegrain with its naturally high fiber content and high nutritional value is much in demand as a food ingredient, Edme MD Peter Tichbon and Technical Director Simon Wooster point that  these products are demanded as food additives apart from gluten free milling products. Bread, cakes, biscuits, breakfast cereals, savory and sweet snacks made from wholegrain – and even yoghurts containing whole grains – are now commonplace and usual. However, with one in 100 people suffering from coeliac disease and diagnosis rates improving, there’s also growing demand for wheat and gluten-free products. That explains why Mistley-based wholegrain ingredient company Edme has just had a new gluten-free mill installed. The mill has just been officially launched. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was led by Edme MD Peter Tichbon together with local MP Bernard Jenkin, British Baker editor Martyn Leek and Colchester Coeliac UK representative Beryl Whittingham. Food manufacturers, bakers and chefs will welcome the new source of gluten-free flour, particularly given its ability to produce flours with a very small particle size. The state of the art mill will provide consistently high quality, fine grades of flour from cereals such as rice, sorghum and buckwheat, pulses such as dried peas and chickpeas. The £600,000 investment will allow Edme to mill thousands of tonnes of gluten-free flour a year.  
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