Imas claims the top spot in Türkiye’s milling machinery exports for 2023

19 January 20244 min reading

Moving rapidly through its vision to be one of the global leaders in grain and feed milling technologies, Imas added a new one on top of its recent success stories. Today the company takes its leading place in the milling industry, and Imas achieved to be the leading exporter of Türkiye in both grain and feed milling machinery categories based on the export data of 2023 year by TIM (Turkiye Exporters Assembly).

The combination of know-how and experience for over 30 years with a new approach, larger team, and ongoing investments…Imas is today even more assertive and powerful in the industry at an incredible pace than ever before. Imas produces a whole range of grain and feed milling machinery and builds turnkey flour, maize, and feed mills worldwide with more than 500 project references in 5 continents and over 100 countries.

In 2023, Imas achieved to be the export leader of Türkiye in both grain and feed milling machinery categories with its machinery exported to different countries in mainly the Middle East, Africa, America, Europe, the Far East, Russia and CIS regions. Mr. Mustafa Ozdemir, General Manager of Imas company said “At Imas, our team works with the passion of creating values for our company, country, and industry. I believe that this synergy is the main driving factor behind our success. Today we feel very happy and proud to be the export leader of the year in our sector. Thanks to our capacity and power in production, experienced team, and also the hard work we actually managed to fit many new orders and shipments in a year period. And now we got ahead of all other Turkish producers in both grain and feed milling machinery exports. I would like to thank again to all the team as well as our esteemed business partners in different parts of the world, for their valuable participation in this huge achievement. Wishing for the new success stories again in the new year, all together…”

Not only being the export leader of the year in milling technologies, Imas today differentiates itself with some other important success stories in the industry:

Imas on Istanbul Stock Exchange

Being the only milling machinery manufacturer of Türkiye having public offering means that company shares (IMASM) have been traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange since April 2022, Imas financially gets stronger every day. This makes the company a trusted partner for turnkey grain and feed milling projects all around the world.

Imas among R&D Leaders of Türkiye

Imas is today among the Top 250 R&D Leaders of Türkiye since 2015, and moreover Top 10 R&D Leaders of Turkish machinery industry in all industrial segments (according to the listing of companies having the most R&D budget by Turkish Time). , Imas already took its leading place in the ‘digital conversion’ of the industry, as being accepted to the ‘Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem’ development program by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye).

Completing one of the largest flour mill projects in Africa

Imas builds one of the largest milling complexes in Nigeria for BUA Group, a new 2.400 TPD capacity turnkey flour mill project equipped with the latest technologies.

Leading innovations in the industry

Imas R&D and Engineering team achieved to develop an alternative roller mill chassis construction material to steel or cast iron, namely Polymer Base Construction® with the use of polymeric composites as being the first in the milling industry. Polymer Base Construction® has actually 10 times better vibration damping ability than cast iron, and even 20 times better than the welded steel chassis, which provides higher operational reliability and extended long-term durability for roller mills. With this innovation, Imas also received the ‘Product Showcase 2023’ award during the IAOM USA 2023 Exhibition and Conference in Minnesota, USA.

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