IDMA is an exhibition visited by right people

24 April 20191 min reading

Mehmet Alapala, Member of the Board, ALAPROS: I can evaluate the exhibition like this. Personally, I’ve joined IDMA Exhibition several times before. This year the IDMA Exhibition was really worked on, a lot of effort was put in. And I can say that it has reached the level of maturity. It was an exhibition that really knew its job and visited by the right people. The visitors who know what they want. IDMA has become a very important trade exhibition where we talk about all the details and make agreements. We were very pleased with the participants. There were people even from very far places. Ecuador, Argentina, India... And these people have come only for this exhibition for three or four days. This was very interesting to me. Apart from this, participants from many places such as the Middle East, Russia and Ukraine came. 80 percent of the visitors came as turnkey project customers. The remaining 20 percent came for a single machine or revision. In fact, as Alapros, what we are committed to our people is not a one-by-one sale of machinery.

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