Japanese NIPPN makes inroads into US flour milling industry

07 June 20232 min reading

Tokyo-based NIPPN Corporation, one of the leading food manufacturers in East Asia, has decided to invest 25 million US dollars in Utah Flour Milling, a US flour milling company, and has signed the Investment Agreement with Utah Flour. NIPPN invests 25% in Utah Flour through its 100% subsidiary NIPPN USA Inc.

Utah Flour business is a newly planned flour mill to be invested and constructed by PHM Brands, LLC, which operates mainly wheat flour business in the US. NIPPN will invest and participate in the operation of Utah Flour as a business and strategic partner. The Utah Flour will be a state-of-the-art flour mill with leading-edge technology and will also utilize Energis Solutions’s patented pathogen-reduction biotechnology.