Alapros agrees with Uzbekistan’s largest flour company for new plant

24 April 20192 min reading

One of the booths that the visitors showed great interest at IDMA Exhibition was Alapros which attracted attention with R&D investments. With many foreign investors shaking hands during the show, Alapros signed a contract for a turnkey flour mill in Uzbekistan, where significant investments were made in the grain processing industry in recent years. Alapros Board Member, Mehmet Alapala, said that they will establish a facility with a daily capacity of one thousand tons in Tashkent for Uzbekistan’s top flour industrialist Beshefar Biznes LLC. Alapala, said the plant will be commissioned shortly before the end of this year. With the commissioning of the plant, the production capacity of the Uzbek company will increase to 2 thousand tons. Beshefar Biznes, which holds 35 percent of the flour trade in Kazakhstan, will increase this rate to more than 40 percent with the new mill. Bekzod Makhmadaminov, General Director of the company, said that they preferred Alapros because they care about quality and they are looking for a reliable solution partner which can offer the most modern and newest technologies. “We are the biggest flour factory in Uzbekistan. With this agreement with Alapros, we are increasing the capacity. We are planning to open our new facility in November. It’s a pleasure for us to do business with Alapros. I believe that we will conclude successful projects together. We will continue our cooperation for many years,” Makhmadaminov said.

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