IDMA fairs are highly valuable for the industry

03 May 20242 min reading

Within the framework of IDMA Istanbul, the “Taste the Future with BBM Kitchen” discussions, organized by BBM Magazine and sponsored by Özmen Un, are underway. Erhan Özmen, Chairman of Özmen Un, emphasized, “IDMA Fairs hold significant value for the industry. If the Turkish flour sector currently leads global flour exports, it owes much to the technological advancements in the Turkish milling machinery sector and IDMA Fairs have played a crucial role in advancing milling machinery. Since its inception, I have made it a point not to miss IDMA Fairs. I closely monitor the sector’s progress and its trajectory. Moreover, we have been staunch supporters of BBM Magazine’s initiatives, recognizing them as valuable endeavors for the sector.” 

Investments full throttle over last 5 years

Erhan Özmen highlighted Özmen Un’s significant investment activity over the past 5 years, stating, “In 2016, we established our Licensed Warehousing company with a 55 thousand-ton capacity, investing $7 million, and renovated Hışvahan Han, Gaziantep’s oldest inn dating back 550 years, along with restaurant and shop investments totaling $2 million. In 2017, we commenced production at Turkey’s first dark mill in Gaziantep with an $18 million investment as Özmen Un. In 2022, we acquired Yeni Un brand and facility, renowned for its niche products and among Gaziantep’s most esteemed flour brands. Additionally, in both 2022 and 2023, we launched our SPP project with a total investment of $8 million. Then in 2023, we inaugurated FIRIN’O, our new artisan bakery brand with 2 branches in Gaziantep, investing over $3 million. FIRIN’O stands as one of our most exhilarating projects, allowing us to translate our experiences from soil and R&D directly into products.”

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