IDMA Exhibition made us full of hope for future

24 April 20192 min reading

Ferhan Can, General Manager, FMS GLOBAL: I would like to thank Parantez Fair for organizing this exhibition, both in my own name and in the name of my friends in the sector. We see that Parantez is gathering the people from domestic and foreign milling sector very successfully here in this organization held every other year. It is a very successful organization. I have been participating in this exhibition which is held every two years with my company and also with the companies I have previously worked for. Every customer and visitor who came to this exhibition came for a purpose. They are here to get knowledge or for buying. At this exhibition, conscious people came. In other words, we didn’t host any aimless visitors coming with unnecessary questions. Particularly the number of foreign visitors attracted my attention this year. And this was very pleasing for us as Turkish machinery companies and manufacturers. This gave us hope for the future. Although the economic situation in our country is not very positive, the IDMA exhibition was a hope for us. It was a ray of hope for us in the darkness. Frankly, I didn’t expect it to be that efficient this year. However, with a sweet surprise, IDMA made us very happy again.

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