IDMA has been growing adding value to the sector

24 April 20192 min reading

Melek Malkoç, General Manager, ANAMED & ANALİTİK GROUP: We have attended all eight editions of the IDMA exhibition organized so far. We are pleased to be in this eighth organization. This is because we are aiming to speak and present our experience and the values we have added to technology and development in such organizations. We congratulate Parantez Group for this organization which has added value to the sector for all 8 editions. We are expressing our satisfaction. As Anamed Analitik Group, we are here to show how technology combines with our values, what we have accumulated, and our technology, and how we can produce better value-added products together. We tried to present this year’s organization more visually and more practically. We invite all participants at a certain time each day to discuss how we add value to the practice and how we do our R&D work and share our know-how and practices in a workshop format. A very efficient and positive organization for us... We would like to thank those who contributed. One of the most important features of this year’s organization is that TABADER adds value to this organization with a separate training program. This is because we added more value to the organization together with the practical applications of theoretical training taken in certain subjects in TABADER.

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