Hopa Port gained movement with Hopaport

04 March 20142 min reading
Hopaport is progressing rapidly on the way to be one of the important logistics bases in grain trade. In the beginning of 2014, approximately 3 thousand tons of wheat has been transferred to the facilities where 1.417 tons of dried corn and 29.928 tons of wheat were stored in 2013. TMO grain silos at Hopa Port, which were idle for long years and was going to be uninstalled in the past, was regained to the grain trade and have progressed significantly in a short period after being taken over by Hopaport. In 2013, 1.417 tons of dried corn and 29.928 tons of wheat were stored in 10 silos with 1.000 tons of capacity per each that became operational again with a significant investment by Hopaport. The products that were stored at the port were transported to Nakhchivan. Becoming an important logistics bases in transit transport especially through Russia to Nakhchivan; Hopaport grain port still continues to direct the grain trade in 2014. Wheat transport at the port still continues in 2014 without slowing down. First shipment of the wheat transport that is connected with the 10.000-ton at the first phase reached to Hopaport from Russia’s Azov port by the ship called Kagan Bey and was stored.
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