Ukraine increased its wheat flour export 36%

04 March 20141 min reading
As one of the world’s leading wheat producers, Ukraine achieved an increase of 36,6% in wheat flour export in 2013. According to the Income and Tax Ministry; as one of the important wheat producers in the world, Ukraine exported 214,060 tons of wheat flour in 2013. This figure is 36.6% more than the one realized in 2012. According to this data; flour exports increased by 39.5%, to $71.17 million on value basis. Last year, imports of wheat flour to the country fell with a rate of 20.6% and were realized as 3,080 tons. Ukraine paid $2.46 million for this product, which is 10.5% less than the amount paid in 2012 period. Imports of flour from other grains to Ukraine decreased from 8,000 tons with $1.89 million value to 250 tons with $160,000 value over the past year. Exports of these products realized by the country increased 46.9%, and reached to 7,200 tons. On value basis, exports of flour from other grains amounted to $3.75 million when it is compared to the amount realized as $3.13 million in 2012.
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