Global milling industry gathered in IDMA

12 June 201711 min reading

Having more than 3 billion dollars of global trade volume, the milling machinery industry gathered seventh times in IDMA 2017 Exhibition which is the only international meeting platform in this industry. The leading 218 companies in the world came together with the investors from 101 countries in the Exhibition held between 04 and 07 May 2017. 

kapak0290218 companies in milling machinery industry which has more than 3 billion dollars of global trade volume came together with 7.069 investors from more than 101 countries seventh times in IDMA 2017 Exhibition. The exhibitor companies, significant suppliers in the industry, made a lot of agreements for turnkey plants, production lines and material supply during the exhibition, held in Istanbul between 04 and 07 May 2017.

REFRESHING THE INDUSTRY Supported by nearly 30 significant industry unions and associations around the world, IDMA Exhibition attracted attentions more than 7 thousand visitors from different nationalities for 4 days. Receiving investors especially from Middle East, Africa and Asia, the exhibition managed to refresh the industry in this economic recession. The representatives of 19 non-governmental and public institutions from 12 countries participated in the opening ceremony of the exhibition which was held in 4th of May. Some of the significant representatives participating in the opening ceremony of the exhibition are as follows: Ahmad Zaki FAZLI - President of Nangarhar Afghan Agricultural Training Center (NATC), Abdellatif IZEM - President of Morocco’s National Federation of Milling, Erhan ÖZMEN - President of Southeastern Flour Industrialists’ Association, Gülfem EREN - President of Grain Suppliers Association, Sadek MAMURI - Iraq Babel Chamber of Commerce, Mahmoud Abduhassan ALLAITHY - Representative of Iraq Diwaniyah Chamber of Commerce, Ali Zaer MOTEAB - Director of Milling Department (The General Company for Trading & Processing Grain of Iraq), Majid Movafegh GHADIRLY - President of Iran Feed Industry Association, Moussa COULIBALY - General Manager of The Mali Business and Orientation Center, Mahmoud RIYADH - General Secretary of Egyptian Milling Society, Gaye AMADOU - President of Senegal National Federation of Bakers, Prof. Dr. Mustafa BAYRAM - Association of Pulse and Grain Processing Technologies, Storage and Analysis Systems, Abdülkadir KÜLAHÇIOĞLU - President of Association of Turkish Pasta Manufacturers, and Rodion RYBCHINSKIY - President of Union “Millers of Ukraine”. kapak0190“The second most dynamic industry of Turkey is machinery” Stating that it is not easy to organize more than 2 thousand participants from over ninety countries and gather Turkish machinery industry under a single roof, Erhan Özmen, the Chairman of the Southeast Flour Industrialists’ Association (GUSAD) said “The second most dynamic industry of Turkey is machinery industry following the automotive industry makes approximately 9,5 percent of the Turkish export, which means 13,5 billion dollars of export of total 149 billion dollars.” Stressing that Turkish machinery industry has developed itself in a very good manner; Erhan Özmen continued “There is a new concept named Industry 4.0. Machinery industry should focus on the Industry 4.0 concept, integrate it in all matters. In 2019, I hope we will participate in IDMA 2019 Exhibition which I support with all my heart and soul and participate proudly.” Genç-TABADER will bring up young millers At his opening speech, telling that in which countries wheat, rice, maize, corn are discovered, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bayram, the Chairman of Turkish Association of Pulse and Grain Processing Technologies, Storage and Analysis Systems (TABADER) stated that the most important industry field which is agreed worldwide is milling. Bayram continued to his speech: “After the agricultural industry started, the first thing that humankind learned was wheat processing. Rolling stones developed by our ancestors for over thousand years, has turned into steel rollers. While TABADER was being established, we added innovation, knowledge and technology in it. We will provide the training that was given at the Exhibition in all regions of Turkey and abroad. Lastly, milling industry has difficulty in raising new manpower. In order to deal with this problem, we are establishing “Genç-TABADER” group. We will provide trainings to high school and university students being educated in milling industry in order to make them love milling, and bring them to European facilities and give them special trainings, thereby raising the manpower of the future.”

TMSD exporting to 152 countries Starting his speech by telling the history of Turkish pasta industry at the opening ceremony of the Exhibition, Abdülkadir Külahçıoğlu, the Chairman of the Association of Turkish Pasta Manufacturers (TMSD) said: “Having been established by pasta producers in 1993, “Association of Turkish Pasta Manufacturers” represents the industry in national and international platforms. We have 20 members who are pasta manufacturers and export to 152 countries. We have exported 835 thousand tonnes of pasta this year. Installed capacity of Turkish pasta industry is 2 million tonnes. Capacity utility rate is approximately 70 percent.”

Iran to make agreement with Turkish feed companies Stating that they exported almost 200 thousand tonnes of feed in 2016, Majid Movafegh GHADIRLY, the Chairman of Feed Industry Association of Iran said the association was established 5 years ago and they reached to 2,5 tonnes of feed production in Iran in 2012. Emphasizing that they have increased this number by 8,5 million tonnes in 2017, Ghadirly said “We will participate at national and international fairs in order to increase our export amount. By participating in IDMA 2017, we are planning to cooperate with Turkish companies and reach to new technologies in feed industry. Now, we have 20 different Iranian companies producing at high levels. We interview with foreign feed associations in order to increase this number by 50 within 5 years.”

Milling and bakery school from Morocco Expressing his thanks for promoting their federation by participating at IDMA 2017 Exhibition, Abdullatif IZEM, the Chairman of National Milling Federation of Morocco, continued: “National Milling Federation of Morocco was established in 1937. Since 1993, we have had a milling school of the federation. Now, we have established a platform for pasta and couscous and opened Bakery School. For further information related to this matter and all questions, we are waiting to welcome you all in our stand at IDMA Exhibition.

Millers will invest in Senegal Stating that he participated in the exhibition with authorities of the largest flour milling factory in Senegal and its members, Amadou Gaye, the Chairman of Bakery Federation of Senegal emphasized that more visitors would have come from Senegal if there was no visa problem. Suggesting that the federation has almost 800 members, Amadou Gaye said “We came to IDMA 2015 as visitor, and to IDMA 2017 Exhibition as visitor. First of all, we participated in the exhibition in order to promote our local pulses industry and buy flour milling factory. We will meet with some factories for this purpose. We thank IDMA for providing us such opportunity.”

Ukraine came to buy machine Expressing his thanks to Parantez Fair, the organizer of the IDMA 2017, Rodion Rubinskiy, Chairman of the Millers’ Association of Ukraine said “I appreciate you for organizing a meeting area for millers and milling machinery producers for many years. This exhibition is so important to flour producers from all over the world because, these are such fairs that we can share our experiences, and gain new experiences. The fair is a very good opportunity for us to see today and tomorrow of the milling industry.” Stating that a delegation group of 100 people participated in this exhibition to see the new machinery of the industry, Rubinskiy said “With Turkish milling machinery, flour export in Ukraine has increased from 1500 tonnes by 4000 tonnes in the last 3 years. Last year, 2 milling factories using only Turkish machinery were established. This year, we plan to establish 3 factories and they will also be operated only with Turkish machinery”.

kapak0390“There is a strong relationship between Egypt and Turkey” Starting its speech by extending his thanks to Parantez Group and greeting all participants, Mahmoud Riyad, the Secretary General of Egyptian Milling Society emphasized on the strong historical connections between Egypt and Turkey, and stated that these connections make these two countries closer and brother countries. Mentioning the function of Millers’ Association of Egypt in the sector, Riyad continued: “Egyptian Milling Society was established in 1996 in order to improve theoretical and practical knowledge of industrial millers with trainings. Millers’ Association of Egypt provides services in privatized fields such as grain industry, milling, quality control. The Association is engaged in the fields of flour milling, bakery, pasta machinery and bread producing as well as finding suitable solutions by determining problems of the milling industry, and gives technical and professional suggestions through consultants and experts”.

IDMA GATHERS GLOBAL MARKET OF 10 BILLION DOLLARS IDMA Exhibition which is held in Hall 1, 2 and 3 of Istanbul Expo Center, and will continue 4 days, gathers machinery producers and end products producers in flour, feed, rice, pulses and pasta industries. The total trade volume of this industry on technology basis is almost 10 billion dollars. IDMA is the unique international exhibition in this international market. Therefore, the flour, feed, rice and pasta producers around the world, who are planning to invest in their factories and machines attach high importance to visiting IDMA Exhibition, held in every 2 years, in order to see the latest technologies closely and to make the best investment by comparing the technologies with their alternatives.

  • During 4 days, 7069 local and foreign professional visitors visited IDMA 2017 Exhibition. During the exhibition which received mostly international investors, flour, feed, rice, pulses and pasta producers around the world made lots of agreements for turnkey plants, machinery, equipment and devices.
  • Regions like Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe and Africa became prominent in 2017 in visitor allocation of IDMA Exhibition which was influenced by the general economic and political situation in the world. In IDMA 2017 Exhibition which had visitors from 101 countries the top 20 countries, except Turkey, are as follows: Iran, Ukraine, Russia, Iraq, Algeria, Bulgaria, Palestine, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Romania, Tunis, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Macedonia, Sudan, Mali, Pakistan, Morocco, Moldova, India, Bosna Herzegovina.
  • 137 local and 81 foreign, totally 218 companies exhibited at IDMA 2017 Exhibition. While 58 foreign companies directly participated in the exhibition, 23 of them took part with their representatives. 218 company with a booth in 3 halls comprising of an area of 33,000 sqm presented the latest technologies used in flour, semolina, corn, rice and feed milling and pulse cleaning, packaging, pasta and biscuit plants, and the latest innovations in storage silos, loading, conveying and unloading systems; laboratory devices; additives; packaging machines and materials; spare parts and sub-industry to the taste of the visitors.
  • Regarding the density of visitors by product groups, it seems that flour, semolina and corn mills which are the main categories of the exhibition show more interest to the exhibition. The share of flour, semolina and corn mills in all visitors is 52 percent. However, in IDMA 2017 Exhibition, unlike the former exhibitions, the number of visitors for feed industry has also increased significantly. The vision of specialized areas that was implemented in 2017 Exhibition and the works done for this vision contributed significantly to this increase. Also, the ratio of feed producers in total number of visitors, which was 5 percent in 2015, reached to 20 percent, a record level in 2017 Exhibition. Rice mills and pulse processing companies follow feed producers. The ratio of this group in the total number of visitors has decreased and remained at 12 percent. The visitor group consisting of pasta producers which increased in the previous exhibition remained at nearly the same level in 2017 Exhibition.
  • Regarding the visiting countries by continents, Asia including Russia and some Middle Eastern countries seems to be the leader with a share of 45 percent. Europe with 30 percent, Africa with 23 percent, America with 2 percent follow Asia. In the graph showing the allocation of foreign visitors by continents, Turkey is excluded. Compared to the previous exhibition, it seems that the number of visitors from Asia and Africa, especially from Russia and Iran, has increased while the number of visitors from Europe has decreased a bit.

kapak0490TRAINING SUPPORT TO FLOUR AND FEED INDUSTRY  “Certified Milling Training”, organized by Miller Magazine under the name of “Technical Days”, was held during IDMA 2017 Exhibition. More than 100 people participated in the training which was held synchronously with the exhibition between 05 and 07 May 2017. On the first day of the training which covered two different areas as grain (flour) milling and feed milling, common issues related with both areas were discussed. On the third and fourth days of the training, separate trainings were synchronously held for flour and feed producers in two different halls. The training provided by the academicians and industry professionals aroused interest. At the end of the training, all the participants had their certificates.

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