The Spanish Millers’ Association visited Omas

12 June 20171 min reading

Spanish Millers’ Association came to visit our headquarters in Padua to find out more about the extraordinary and revolutionary Leonardo roller mill, a machine that is changing the milling industry.

ispanya90On the occasion of their visit to Italy, the representatives of the association were able to see Leonardo in action at the Marghera plant of Grandi Molini Italiani, Italy’s major flour miller.

Here they were able to experience, first hand, the actual extraordinary qualities of this roller mill, changing the speed, inverting the fast and slow rolls in just a second, and also testing the difference that this milling technology can have on the finished product.

The Spanish delegation was also able to see KERS technology in action, which in these steps can regenerate 60% of the electricity used, cutting mains power input by the same amount.

The second part of the visit took place in our company, where the delegation was received by our President and Omas’ founder, Adriano Nalon, who was able to show the production processes and the technical and construction characteristics of Leonardo, Galileo and Michelangelo, while they were being made.

A good deal of interest was also shown for the wheat cleaning process using the Giotto steriliser.

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