Italdesign partners with Henry Simon

11 October 20182 min reading

Milling industry’s legendary brand Henry Simon trusts the Industrial Design Division of Italdesign for its machine designs to reflect its high performance and state-of-art technology.

HS roller mill

Henry Simon, the milling industry’s pioneer brand which was re-launched by Satake and Alapala, announced its partnership with the Industrial Design Division of Italdesign, for all its machine range. The first step was taken for the roller mill design which is a stunning combination of technology, functionality and ergonomics. The roller mill won the Grapas Innovation Award 2018 with its new sensor technology, high energy efficiency, and design. Now, as the further step of this collaboration, Henry Simon strenghtens its commitment for innovation and design. The company declares that all the machines produced by Henry Simon

name will be designed by the creative team of Italdesign and equipped with future’s milling technology. In 2017, Satake Corporation and Alapala announced the rebirth of the Henry Simon brand and range of flour milling equipment. From its inception in 1878, Henry Simon of Manchester has always been known as an innovator and one of the driving forces that helped create the milling industry that we know today. The new range of equipment captures the original pioneering spirit and DNA combined with the groundbreaking design and aesthetics resulting from the combined research and development from Japanese and European design hubs. The equipment is built in Alapala’s newly completed manufacturing complex that features the very latest robotic cutting, welding, CNC machining and assembly technology. This latest collaboration between Satake and Alapala follows the announcement in July 2015 when the strategic partnership was unveiled to provide the milling industry with a truly global technology partner. The partnership incorporates the sharing of technology and R&D, sales capabilities and human resources for milling clients around the world.

About Italdesign Italdesign has been offering development services for the automotive and other various industries since 1968. Part of the Volkswagen Group which owns 12 brands such as Audi, Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and Ducati, today the company is a turnkey-project service provider and a reliable development partner able to offer integrated services and assist carmakers in the whole development of future vehicles. The Industrial Design Division of the Company vaunts a wide-ranging and transversal know-how and expertise in various fields thanks to its thirty-seven years of experience working with both domestic and international companies.

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