Free webinar on corn milling market trends and opportunities on May 27

13 May 20213 min reading

Novozymes will hold a free webinar on Thursday, May 27 to take a closer look at the relevant market trends. Then, the company will introduce Novozymes Frontia® Fiberwash, an innovative technology that enables the same production output with less corn, less energy, and less CO2.

Being a corn wet miller is no walk in the park. On top of the day-to-day operations, rising corn prices present a challenge that affects your ability to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Of course, you can’t control corn prices – if you could rein in your raw material costs, you would. And that’s why, as those prices continue to hover near January’s 8-year record high, many corn wet-millers are looking for other ways to improve profitability.

This is where insight into current market trends and the latest corn milling biosolutions can play a key role in optimizing your mill through this challenging time.

Don’t let production limits hold you back

In this free webinar at 10 a.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, May 27, we’ll take a closer look at the relevant market trends with the help of global market intelligence and consulting firm LMC International. They will also provide insight into a variety of corn wet-milling perspectives – including corn price, the net cost of corn, and beyond.

Then, we’ll introduce you to Novozymes Frontia® Fiberwash, an innovative technology that allows you to get more out of your raw material and your plant, enabling the same production output with less corn, less energy, and less CO2.

Get insight from industry experts

The lineup of speakers will include:

  • Martin Todd, Managing Director of LMC International. His expertise covers all of the major agricultural crops, and he oversees the company’s analysis of price forecasting, crop margins, production and production costs, technical performance, market analysis and profitability
  • Sara Girardello, responsible for LMC International's Starch & Grains analysis. She has acted as project leader across a broad range of starch, starch sweetener and grain processing projects, including leading LMC's annual service on the Global Markets for Starch Products.
  • Scott McLaughlin, Technical Service Manager at Novozymes, who has spent more than two decades in a variety of production, R&D, and commercial oriented roles in the grain processing industry. He currently leads Technical Service for the company’s Starch & Grain organization.
  • Griselda Gasca, Technical Service Scientist in Agricultural & Industrial Biosolutions at Novozymes. She has previously held roles as a Process Engineer in yeast production as well as in the pulp & paper industry.

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