Central Milling Company heads for sprouted grain

09 September 20141 min reading
As one of the oldest businesses in the state of Utah in U.S., Central Milling Company heads for sprouted grain by considering the demand for healthy food consumption. As one of the biggest organic flour suppliers in the country, Central Milling Company announced that it is starting to place emphasis on developing sprouted grain from its wheat varieties. According to the news by Kevin Opsahi from; these sprouted grains would help bakers create bread that is thought to be a healthy alternative to many of the packaged varieties in grocery stores. A spouted grain is the one that is harvested before the shoot turns into a full-fledged plant. While it is agreed that a sprouted grain is a healthier alternative to the grains used to make white bread, pasta and rice; nutritionists are debating over its overall health impacts. Founded in 1867 in Logan, Utah; Central Milling Company is one of the biggest organic flour suppliers in the country. Also known as the longest continually running business in Utah, the facility can store about 3.6 million pounds of raw wheat in 11 silos, and 10-15 truckloads of wheat come into the facility every day.
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