MINISTER EKER: “TMO would intervene in the market if necessary”

09 September 20142 min reading
Stating that agriculture has to be supported; Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehmet Mehdi EKER indicated that they gave the possibility of regulating the market when necessary to Turkish Grain Board (TMO) as the market intervention agency. Coming together with the Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci and Turkish Exporters' Assembly (TIM) Delegation; Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehmet Mehdi EKER made some assessments on the topics on the agenda for the members of the press during a meeting. Stating that agriculture is supported in any country excluding New Zealand, Minister Eker reminded that there was a frost on night of 30 March and added: “65 provinces of Turkey were affected from that. Although we took some precautions but the system was affected. If you say this is a completely liberal policy and that I won’t support this, you will risk and expose not only your producer group but also your production system to danger. Therefore, we need to support them. We only give the possibility of regulating the market to Turkish Grain Board by intervening in the market when necessary.” Mentioning also on the possibility of more agricultural product export to Russia; Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Eker said: “Russian Federation has an attitude of not buying products from one market and directing to other markets due to the political and commercial reasons. We will evaluate whether we can make an additional supply in here by considering our other markets.”
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