Automation and smart production processes

08 October 20214 min reading

Today, especially in the food processing sector, sustainability and traceability are two very important factors. Therefore, process control is vital in milling plants where tons of production are made per day. Automation is a must for quality and error-free production in these plants. What opportunities and advantages does automation offer to flour mills? What kind of solutions can information technology and operational technology offer to millers are being discussed herein.

The combination of smart production and automation is very important in the globalizing world market, where increasing research and development studies and technology-oriented competition are rapidly increasing. For this reason, it is very difficult to be safe, fast and efficient in order to survive in the changing competitive conditions in a market that is constantly growing and the number of actors is increasing. However, it is possible to overcome this challenge in the industrial sector with smart production and automation. In addition to using the existing systems, important steps can be taken for the companies to follow continuous development and to have a voice in the market.

Industry 4.0 refers to the fourth industrial revolution, it’s the way we produce products due to digital transformation. IoT makes 4.0 possible and smart mill a reality. Equipment in our process industry is getting smarter, and they are producing critical data that are essential to increase productivity. The milling industry will have to embrace IoT, or they will be left behind. Regulatory compliance, recall procedures, food security and innovations will force them to stay current. 

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  • Automation and milling
    Automation provides consistency and minimized variability in flour mills. It is enables continuous monitoring of mills production streams, for different production rates and qualities of grain. The regular flow rates adjusted by machinery and motors speeds, the accurate electronic scales and flow balancers and level sensors can be controlled, monitored and in some cases, corrected upstream automatically during wheat cleaning, wheat tempering and even milling and packing.

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  • Smart production 
    “Developing and adapting smart production and automation to the system is very important to catch up with the rapidly developing international market. For this reason, the high performance of automation systems enables to stay ahead of the competitors in the sector and to maintain the competitive aspect. In human-oriented and human-based production facilities; the production speed and the amount of product obtained as a result are much lower than the facilities working with smart production and automation systems.”
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  • First Mill E3 set to revolutionize the milling industry
    Bühler announced a transformative moment in the history of flour milling with the opening of one of the most high-tech mills on the market. Mill owner Whitworth Bros. Ltd., the UK’s largest miller, is reaping the benefits of the Mill E3’s technological and digital capabilities.
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  • Cimbria Automation drives tailored results and business sustainability
    More decision makers are turning to machines with automated controls to improve results, planning and traceability. The technology allows workers to focus on higher value work, but requires proper know-how, design and governance to boost the business. Cimbria has automation experts offering a high level of full-service support. 
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  • Automation in milling industry
    If we are talking about a forward-looking system like automation in milling, smart mills, and Industry 4.0, we cannot ignore this system. What we are supposed to do is to optimize the infrastructure of our businesses and energy distribution systems to make Industry 4.0 available and to benefit from the facilities and advantages offered by the system.
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